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Defibrillators SAVE Lives!

And the life you save may be your own

Travelling brings its own rewards, but if you’re travelling a little off the beaten track, it may also mean it takes longer to access vital life-saving services in the event of a medical emergency.

Each year, more than 30,000 Australians suffer a cardiac arrest. Survival rates average less than 10% if that occurs outside a hospital. When someone is in cardiac arrest, rapid use of a defibrillator is critical to returning the heart to a life-sustaining heart rhythm. When combined with effective bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), survival chances can be greatly increased, particularly when access to emergency services may be delayed. Studies show that the early use of a defibrillator in an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest event can increase survival rates from between 70% to 90%! Using a defibrillator is critical!

What is Cardiac Arrest?

When someone is in cardiac arrest, their heart has stopped beating effectively as the electrical rhythms that cause the heart to beat in a coordinated way are malfunctioning. They result in dangerous abnormal rhythms that cannot sustain life. The body’s vital organs no longer receive the oxygen they require to function, as the heart has stopped pumping effectively, and the body starts to shut down. For every minute that the body’s vital organs are deprived of oxygen, chances of survival decrease by 10%. Within 10 minutes, without intervention, the chances of survival are very low. 

What does a defibrillator do?

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED), or defibrillator, is a portable device designed to be used in conjunction with CPR to provide emergency treatment to a person in cardiac arrest. It is designed to provide a shock to the heart to interrupt a dangerous heart rhythm, and give the heart a chance to ‘reset’ back to a normal, life-sustaining electrical rhythm. Once the heart electrical rhythms are functioning correctly again, the mechanical action of pumping oxygenated blood around the body will follow.

Why do I need to use a defibrillator if I’m doing CPR?

Whilst CPR is critical to ensuring oxygenated blood is forced around the body, and it is vital to not delay CPR whilst waiting for a defibrillator, on its own CPR does not provide adequate resuscitation, particularly over a sustained period of time. When someone is in cardiac arrest, caused by a malfunctioning electrical rhythm, defibrillation is crucial to restore a life-sustaining rhythm so the heart can function effectively on its own again. A defibrillator provides visible and audible instructions and can be used by people of all ages. Defibrillators are exceptionally safe to use, and you will never be able to accidentally shock someone who does not require it. A defibrillator will only shock for shockable rhythms, meaning that it will only provide a shock to someone who is in cardiac arrest. Defibrillators can also be used on children, and each device has capability for paediatric mode (for children under 8 year or less than 25kg), whether by pushing a button or by using paediatric pads instead of adult pads.   

Who is Priority First Aid?

Priority First Aid is a family-owned Australian company, based in Brisbane. Founded in 2014 by our company Director, a registered practicing Paramedic, it was established in response to the growing demand for ordinary Australians to have access to cutting-edge life-saving technology that is easy tp use. We deliver across Australia to individuals and families, small businesses, large companies, and government agencies including defence, police, ambulance, fire and corrective services. We provide high quality devices from the most reputable defibrillator brands globally, ensuring user confidence and complete device reliability. At our core, we believe everyone should have the chance to go home at the end of their day, and it just may be an accessible defibrillator that makes the difference.

Why should I consider purchasing a defibrillator?

Priority First Aid recognises that although CMCA members may purchase a defibrillator primarily for personal use, they are in a unique position to also provide access to a potentially life-saving defibrillator for their travel companions and the communities they journey through. The defibrillators recommended for public use are small and portable, designed to be taken anywhere. We are therefore pleased to accept the invitation to partner with CMCA to offer a Member Advantages discount on all defibrillator purchases, including replacement accessories and first aid kits.

Which defibrillator should I purchase?

Priority First Aid offers a number of defibrillator devices across several brands and price brackets to suit every budget. All the devices that we offer are exceptionally easy to use and they all function using the same basic principles – turn on the device (either by pushing the power button or opening the lid), then follow the voice prompts and pictures. They are designed to be simple enough that, whilst CPR training is highly recommended, even someone with no training can successfully use them. Remember, any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt at all!   

Below are two devices that we would recommend to CMCA members on the basis of ease of use, long term cost effectiveness, availability of replacement accessories, and robustness for travel. Both these devices are fully automatic, meaning that once you correctly apply the pads, the defibrillator will automatically deliver a shock if required – you do not have to worry about whether you should push the button or not!


 Heartsine Samaritan 360P Fully Automatic AED

 Lifepak CR2 Essential Fully Automatic AED

 RRP: $1870

 Member Advantages Discount: $1670 with discount  code applied.

 Saving: $200

 RRP: $2495

 Member Advantages Price: $2345 with discount code  applied.

 Saving: $150 

  View the device at: 

  View the device at:


 · 8 year warranty

 · 4 year combined pad/battery Pad-Pak shelf life (if  unused)

 · Free replacement Pad-Pak after genuine use     

 (conditions apply) 

 · Lowest cost and most cost effective fully automatic  device offered by Priority First Aid over the warranty  period

 ·IP rating - IP56 (highest in the industry)

 ·Free AED rescue kit (contains CPR face shield, gloves,  medical razor, shears, clinical waste bag, wipes)

 ·Optional: paediatric Pad-Pak can be purchased  separately if required

 ·Very easy to remove and replace pad/battery Pad-Pak  cartridge (particularly if joint/hand pain is a concern) 


 · 8 year warranty

 · 4 year battery and 4 year pads shelf life (if unused)

 · Pads can be used for either adult or paediatric (under  8yrs) patients, as an easy ‘Child Mode’ push-button  adjusts the energy levels and CPR instructions

 · Second-most cost effective fully automatic device  offered by Priority First Aid over the warranty period

 · IP rating - IP55 

 · Free AED rescue kit (contains CPR face shield, gloves,   medical razor, shears, clinical waste bag, wipes)

 · Incorporates a Language Button, to switch between a   primary and secondary language


 · Weight (in carry case): 1.5kg (3.3lb)

 · Dimensions (in carry case):
 W 21cm x H 22cm x D 12cm (8.3in x 8.7in x 4.7in)


 · Weight (in carry case): 2.0kg (4.5lb)

 · Dimensions (in carry case):
 W 24cm x H 26cm x D 14cm (9.4in x 10.2in x 5.5in)

To view our entire range of defibrillators and accessories, please visit

Priority First Aid also offers a range of replacement batteries and pads for a variety of defibrillator brands. If you have used your defibrillator and require replacement pads or battery, or your pads or battery have expired, please visit our website to locate the replacement parts you need.

Priority First Aid also offers a range of first aid kits. As CMCA members, we would recommend as basic level kits the Motorist First Aid Kit and the Snake Bite First Aid Kit

Should you wish to purchase a defibrillator other than those highlighted above, replacement accessories for a previously purchased device, or a first aid kit or other medical device, please use the Member Advantages discount code for a 5% discount to be applied at checkout (please note that only one code per order can be used). 

If you would like to discuss your options or have any questions about any of the products that we offer, or if you would like to place an order over the phone, please call Rachel, Customer Services Manager, on 0422 429 956, or email

All discount codes can be found in the Member Advantages section when logged in under OFFERS.

When calling or emailing, please mention your CMCA discount code to ensure we apply your discount.

Wishing you safe and happy travels!



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P 0422 429 956


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