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Cowfish Technologies is a fresh company with big goals and a lot of determination. Evert & Jessica are specialists when it comes to Internet, WiFi and Multimedia and want to make this technology available to the caravan industry.

The company was founded whilst lapping Australia with their three young boys. They realised that throughout the exploration of the bush and beach, they still needed to connect to the rest of the world. The kids required connectivity for their schooling and some entertainment and they required internet access for their work and to connect with colleagues and relatives. Unfortunately, it became apparent that there were no quality products on the market that could accommodate to the needs of a family on the move. Poor reception, slow internet speeds and a lack of quality media devices led them to develop their own hardware to suit the remoteness and vast expanse of Australia. After using their newly developed hardware solutions on the trip, they decided to share these products with you for the growing need of Australians to be connected when travelling.

The VanConnect is a 4G WiFi system, allowing you to connect to the internet whilst on the road. It is the only 12 volt system on the market that incorporates LTA Advanced and their superior external antennas provide a stronger connection to the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone mobile networks.

The VanPlayer is a TV media centre, giving your TV the smarts to connect to the internet and stream your favourite content from Netflix, YouTube and other online streaming providers. You can also download your Netflix shows onto the VanPlayer, so that you can watch them later in your trip when there is no internet reception at all.

The VanTenna is their new television antenna, specifically designed to be compatible with HDTV signal in Australia. The VanTenna does not have to be wound up and positioned towards a TV tower, as is the case with the current generation antennas. The VanTenna does all the work for you.

Cowfish at its core is dedicated to improving the caravanning experience. Evert & Jessica want to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be when it comes to dedicated WiFi, Streaming and watching Free-To-Air television. 



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